Welcome to the new Blueberry Group website,

Blueberry was incorporated on 17 June 2020 by SABENA AEROSPACE and the Federal Holding and Investment Company. It has 4 sites in Belgium (Zaventem, Haren, Gosselies and Lummen) and is active in more than 10 countries (Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Italy, United States, Morocco, Tanzania, Congo RDC, Congo Brazzaville, Zimbabwe & Mauritania).

All subsidiaries together, the Group employs more than 1200 people in Belgium and abroad and has a cumulated turnover of 250M€.

The ambition of Blueberry is to create a unique industrial ecosystem in the aerospace industry by consolidating Belgian industrial assets. The Group stands for resilience, thanks to its diversity and by creating value in high technology, critical niche products and services.

Through its subsidiaries, Blueberry is active in the design, development and manufacturing of aviation and aerospace equipment, offers maintenance services for aircraft and brings solutions to drive the sustainable development of the industry as a whole. In doing so, the Group addresses its customers’ business needs from end-to-end.






Press contacts

NL: Bjorn Boon • +32 479 46 56 31 • bjorn.boon@sabca.be
FR : Florence Jaspart • +32 479 31 17 12 • fj@whyte.be